Audi RS 7 Driverless Car

Driverless Audi to lap German F1 track

Audi RS 7 Driverless CarAudi plans to run a self-driving RS 7 robotic car for a flat-out hot lap in front of the public at Germany’s Hockenheimring F1 circuit.

The timed lap demonstration will take place during the final of the German Touring Car Championship on Sunday 19 October – and Audi promises it will be at full racing speed.

Indeed, it is already claiming the hot lap will be as fast as if there were a professional race driver behind the wheel… only the piloted driving concept car will be doing all the work itself.

So confident is Audi, it even plans to stream the driverless car demonstration run live on the internet, starting from 11.45am UK time on 19 October.

“Tests conducted so far indicate that on the grand prix track a lap time of just over two minutes can be expected,” said Audi. “The technology demonstrator should reach speeds of up to 150mph.”

Audi says it “wants to show the great potential of piloted driving” with the demonstration, and adds that it already has technology like this lined up for future road cars.

Question is, how long before the first driverless car racing series emerges..?

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