Driver fined £11,000 for speeding at 101mph in Audi R8

A driver has been hit with a fine of over £11,000 after police hired a supercar and an airfield in a bid to prove him wrong.

David Pickup, from Cheshire, was driving an Audi R8 to his holiday home in North Wales when police clocked him at 101mph.

He denied speeding and reportedly asked officers “can we call it 98mph?” before disputing the accuracy of their in-car speed camera.

In response, the prosecution hired an Audi R8 and an airfield to carry out tests.

Magistrates concluded that Pickup was guilty of speeding at 101mph and fined him £675 plus prosecution costs, including the testing, amounting to £10,384. He was also given six points on his driving licence.

Usually, drivers caught exceeding the speed limit by 30mph are given a driving ban as well as a hefty fine.

However, courts can use their discretion to award penalty points and, as in this case, order the offender to pay prosecution costs.