DVLA to rake in millions through premium rate phone line following licence changes

Driver clocks up 40 points without a licence

Driver clocks up 40 points without a licence

Commit an offence while driving and expect to be hit with a hefty fine and penalty points on your licence.

But what if you don’t have, and have never held, a valid UK driving licence? Well, a driver in Lewisham has racked up a total of 40 penalty points for 12 driving offences, despite never having a licence.

According to a freedom of information request by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM), the driver has been caught exceeding the speed limit and driving without insurance – yet police continue to give him penalty points on his non-existent licence.

The driver has never held even a provisional driving licence – meaning he’s likely to have never had any formal training.

The request also revealed a driver in Stockport holds 33 points without a licence – for a total of seven offences, including speeding and repeatedly telling lies about who was driving a car.

IAM chief executive Sarah Sillars said: “It’s been three years since the IAM raised this issue with the DVLA, but we still have drivers on the road with multiple points allocated to them. Now we discover that some of them have never held any kind of driving licence. We all have to share the road with these unqualified, uninsured and dangerous drivers.”

If unqualified drivers with penalty points apply for a licence, they won’t automatically be banned despite a rule saying newly-qualified drivers face having their licence revoked if they tot up six or more penalty points within the first two years.

These points will be taken into consideration if the driver commits a further offence, however.

A driver with a licence in Blackburn, meanwhile, has managed to clock up a total of 38 penalty points – all for speeding in a 30mph limit 10 times.

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