Drifting is the fastest growing drive experience

Drifting driving experience popularity is up

Drifting is the fastest growing type of driving experience, with demand up by 59 percent versus 2018.

Experience provider TrackDays says drifting has even nudged ahead of supercar driving in terms of growth, by around three percent.

The rise in popularity of drifting is being chalked up to racing games such as Forza Motorsport, as well as various popular films – not least The Fast & the Furious franchise.

Drifting as a spectator sport has also gained traction (so to speak) in recent years. The FIA runs drift competitions, while events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed have featured star drifters for some years now.

Drifting driving experience popularity is up

According to Trackdays, the most popular cars for practising drifting are variants of the Nissan Silvia, Skyline and 350Z. BMW M3s are also a common choice.

“We teach all levels of drivers how to drift, where driving by looking out of the side window is just as crucial as looking out of the front windscreen,” said Imran Malek, operations manager at TrackDays.

“Importantly, though, learning how to drift in a safe environment, such as a race circuit, can boost the confidence of drivers and can give them better overall car handling skills, so it’s not just about burning rubber.

“The popularity of learning to drift shows no signs of slowing down.”