Donald Trump's Lamborghini Diablo VT is for sale on eBay

American presidential hopeful Donald Trump’s old Lamborghini has been advertised on eBay with a whopping $460,000 (£347,000) start price – and that’s before the reserve has been met.

It suggests the seller is making a significant profit on the Lambo, as he reportedly paid $299,000 (£226,000) for it last year.

Classic cars can be a solid investment, however, so don’t let us put you off bidding for the 1997 Diablo VT. Just think, if Trump wins in November, you’ll own the president’s old Lamborghini. Now there’s something that could get you rooting for Trump.

Finished in one-off Le Mans blue, the Diablo VT even features a Trump 2016 decal emblazoned across the tiny rear window.

The controversial right-wing presidential candidate made his millions as a successful businessman, gaining notoriety by appearing on the American version of The Apprentice.

Despite travelling around the world in his own private plane, Trump is a huge petrolhead – with a Rolls-Royce Phantom, McLaren SLR and Maybach in his garage.