Diesel Bosch saves drivers

Diesel saves drivers a pound a day in a decade

Diesel Bosch saves driversCar industry parts supplier Bosch says the diesel driver of today is spending at least £360 a less a year on fuel – and putting out 21% fewer pollutants as they go.

The firm’s calculations follow SMMT stats that reveal the diesel car of today is 27% more economical than in 2003. This means that, despite a big increase in fuel prices over the past decade, drivers are still clocking up savings over what they could have been paying.

Factor in a cut in CO2 emissions of 21% in that time and the actual savings could be a lot higher, thanks to CO2-based private and company car tax regimes.

The country as a whole is benefitting from a massive cut in CO2 of 750,000 tonnes per year, too.

Bosch UK president Peter Fouquet said: “Motorists today benefit from much cleaner diesel cars than those that were on the market even 10 years ago.” This is taking a significant step forward right now with the rollout of Euro 6 emissions standards, which demands a cut in NOx emissions of more than half from new diesel cars.

Common factor: common-rail

It’s Bosch’s invention of common-rail fuel injection that’s driven the significant progress of diesel engines in the past decade. It was first rolled out in the Alfa Romeo 156 2.4 JTD back in 1997; the second generation system, which injected fuel at 1,600 bar, arrived in 2001 and setups with piezo injectors came in 2004: this latter development alone improved efficiency by up to 20%.

Last year, third generation systems with 2,500 bar of injector pressure arrived.

Bosch’s next hot tip for big improvements in diesel efficiency is combining it with hybrid systems, something it first achieved with the Peugeot 3008 HYbrid4 in 2011. This can reduce fuel consumption by around 40%, reckons the firm…

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