Devon knows that pavement parking is a bad move

Pavement parking

When Devon and Cornwall Police stumbled across a Kia Picanto blocking a pavement in Newton Abbot, there was only going to be one outcome.

The Picanto was pushed aside, loaded onto the back of a tow truck, before being taken away to the nearest police station.

To make matters worse for the inconsiderate parker, the vehicle was discovered to be untaxed and uninsured. This isn’t likely to end well for the Picanto owner.

“Don’t park your vehicle like this… especially if you don’t have tax or insurance!” the police tweeted.

A fixed penalty notice might be issued

While parking on the pavement isn’t illegal, you could be accused of committing an offence if the police deem your vehicle to be causing an obstruction. A fixed penalty notice might be issued if, for example, pedestrians or wheelchair users are forced into the road to pass a parked vehicle.

The Department for Transport is considering a ban on pavement parking, bringing the rest of the country in line with London, where parking on the pavement has been illegal since 1974.

Maybe the Picanto owner should check out the Highway Code’s guide to waiting and parking. It could save another run-in with the law. Assuming they tax and insure their car, that is.

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