New Dropless app is ‘the Deliveroo of the car wash industry’


There isn’t much we can’t get on-demand these days. But television, music, movies, food, taxis, shopping, and so much more are shortly to be joined by… car washing.

Fledging on-demand car wash service dropless.co.uk intends on bringing your car back to showroom condition, without a bucket or a trip to the carwash in sight. Or indeed any water. Dropless seems to pride itself (the clue is in the name) on the use of runoff-free waterless solutions.

Its says 300 litres of water is saved on average per wash. Dropless are partnered with Water is Life on this water-saving eco crusade, donating 10 percent of all profits made to the charity, which helps build sustainable drinking wells and provide drinkable filter straws to deprived areas.

The service is exclusive to south west London for the moment. However, an Android and iPhone app is due out soon as the service expands across London before the end of the year.

By the end of 2019, Dropless expects to be a country-wide service.

Is that ambitious? If other recent revolutions in on-demand, on-your-phone services are anything to go by, they might need to double check they have the jaw to chew what they’ve bitten off…

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