Do I need to declare an accident if I’m not at fault?

Do I need to declare an accident

Car insurance can be a baffling business, especially when it comes to making a claim.

Whether you’re at fault, or it was someone else, or an act of God, the grey areas around declaration and accountability always loom. Here’s our guide to the dos and don’ts, for if the worst should happen.

Do I need to declare all accidents to my insurance company?

Your insurance company wants you to declare all incidents that happen in your car. Accidents that aren’t your fault are no exception. In short, there is grey area around what you need to declare. If you have an accident, whoever’s fault it is, your insurer needs to know.

Any incidents you do not declare to your insurance company, which they then find out about later, could invalidate your cover. It could also make it very difficult to get quotes in future.

Will declaring a non-fault accident affect my insurance?

Do I need to declare an accident

Just as all accidents must be declared, so too will all declarations affect your insurance. It’s an unfortunate fact of life.

Any accident insurers learn about affects their judgement of your risk level as a driver. The good news is that your no-claims bonus should not be affected, but prepare for steeper renewal costs nonetheless.

How can I cut the cost of my car insurance?


There are a few good ways to reduce your insurance premium. First and foremost, shop around. Insurers are ultimately in competition for your business. Your insurer will usually renew your cover at a price you could easily beat if you looked elsewhere.

Adding named drivers, a telematics ‘black box’ and increasing your voluntary excess are other options worth considering.

What you mustn’t do is lie about anything on your policy, including your annual mileage, any modifications to the car and where you live. There is a zero-tolerance policy to bending the truth when it comes to insurance.

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