Get FIVE years’ 0% finance on an MG3 or MG6

MG3Looking to own car for half a decade and are keen to find the best deal going? Then head to your local MG dealer between now and the end of September: the firm is offering FIVE YEARS of 0% finance on the MG3 and MG6.

The 0% finance deal is spread across the full range of MG3 supermini and MG6 large family car models too – even the £8,399 entry-level MG3 3Time.

This means that you can pay £111 a month for the next five months and find you own outright a handily-sized five-door supermini at the end of it. And not have spent a penny extra on interest in doing so.

You have to find a 20% deposit but, given such low list prices, this can be as little as £1,679. And you can have three years’ or four years’ 0% finance if the idea of spending half a decade in the same MG is too much.

Other finance deals are also available, such as affordable PCP schemes and free insurance offers. But for penny-conscious buyers who feel they shouldn’t be spending anything on interest given how low the Bank of England’s base rate is, we’ve yet to see anything that beats the MG offer.

It runs until the end of September too, so your five-year 0% finance MG can wear the new 66-plate registration when it goes live on 1 September if you so wish.

Find out more in the MG offers section – where you’ll discover the firm is even offering you goodies simply for taking a test drive: it seems Ford isn’t the only car company incentivising people for having a spin in one of its cars.

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