Best new cars for a fiver a day

Best new cars for £5 a day: Spring 2016

Best new cars for a fiver a dayDecisions, decisions. You could spend a fiver a day on take-away coffees, or you could drive away in a new car.

We’ve assembled 30 new cars that are available for £150 a month, or the equivalent of £5 a day. Still want that overpriced cappuccino?

Vauxhall Corsa SRi: £149 a month


Though it plays second fiddle to the Ford Fiesta in the sales chart, the current Vauxhall Corsa is a fine supermini. The Corsa SRi 1.4-litre is available for £149 a month over 35 months, with an advance rental of £2,086.

Ford Fiesta Zetec: £159 a month


Opt for the Ford Fiesta Studio and you could drive away for less than £150 a month, but we’d recommend upgrading to the popular Zetec 1.0-litre EcoBoost model. It’s available for £159 a month on Ford’s Personal Lease programme, with mileage capped at 9,000 per annum.

Skoda Fabia 1.0 SE: £129 a month


Think of the Skoda Fabia as a better value version of the Volkswagen Polo and you won’t be too far wide of the mark. To get the £129 a month figure you’ll need a hefty £2,438.09 deposit, but Skoda will contribute £1,500. The term of the agreement is 42 months.

Renault Twingo Play SCe 70: £149 a month


Renault’s finance offer on the Twingo is perfect if you don’t fancy splashing out on a large deposit. For £149 down, you can drive away in a Twingo Play SCe 70 for £149 a month over 49 months. The Renault dealer will even add an extra £523 to the deposit.

Nissan Juke Acenta: £139 a month


There are many offers available on the Nissan Juke, but we’d be tempted by the Acenta dCi 110 for £139 a month. Nissan will contribute £1,000 to the deposit, but you’ll need to find £4,947.16.

Suzuki Swift 4×4 SZ3: £149 a month


You can get your hands on the excellent Suzuki Swift for just £99 a month, but we’d recommend spending an extra £50 a month on the Swift 4×4 SZ3. If your daily commute includes a few green lanes and tracks, it’s the perfect supermini.

Volkswagen Polo SE Design: £149 a month


This is one of our favourite £150 deals. The Polo SE Design features 16-inch alloy wheels, rear tinted windows, front fog lights, air conditioning and front sports seats. Volkswagen will contribute £1,400 to the deposit, leaving you to find £2,689.13.

Peugeot 2008 1.2 Access: £149 a month


Fancy something a little more practical than a supermini? Peugeot has the answer, with the popular 2008 available for £149 a month. The model in question is a 1.2 Access and you’ll need to find a deposit of £2,111.18.

Kia Rio 1: £115 a month


The entry-level Kia Rio 1 is available for £115 a month over 37 months. Kia has slashed £1,000 off the price, bringing it down to £9,345.

Hyundai i20 SE: £139.74 a month


If you’ve got access to a £2,498.75 deposit, Hyundai will offer its i20 SE model for £135.72 a month. Amazingly, if you stump up £4,997.50, it’s yours for £33.58 a month.

SEAT Design Mii: £136 a month


SEAT’s cute Mii city car is the rarest of the Up/Mii/Citigo trio, so some degree of exclusivity is guaranteed. The 1.0-litre Design Mii is available for £136 a month after a small deposit of just £136.

Fiat Panda Easy+: £129 a month


Don’t be fooled by our photo, because the Fiat Panda Easy+ looks resplendent with exclusive red styling and 15-inch alloy wheels. It also features parking sensors, air conditioning and a hands-free media system. It’s yours for £129 a month.

Suzuki Vitara SZ4: £149 a month


This is an excellent deal on one of the best crossovers you can buy. Right now, Suzuki is offering the Vitara SZ4 for £149 a month after a £1,833 deposit.

Fiat 500 Pop: £149 a month


The Fiat 500 is still one of the most fashionable cars you can buy, so the opportunity to buy a 500 Pop for £149 a month will appeal to many people. The deposit is £2,000, of which Fiat will contribute £500.

Nissan Micra Acenta: £149 a month


If you fancy a Micra, Nissan will hope to tempt you with a bewildering array of offers. Monthly payments start at £79, but the well-equipped Acenta 1.2 could be yours for £149.

Nissan Pulsar Tekna: £149 a month


You can drive away in a Nissan Pulsar Tekna dCi 110 for £149 a month, but there’s the not so small matter of a £7,044.23 deposit to consider.

Fiat Punto Pop+: £139 a month


Fiat’s ageing and forgotten Punto is still available to buy new and, if you’re tempted, it’s yours for £139 a month over 48 months.

Citroen C3: £145 a month


Another ageing car is the Citroen C3. Introduced in 2009, the C3 was facelifted in 2013 and can be yours for £145 a month. The deposit is £2,985, with Citroen contributing £1,000.

Hyundai i10 SE: £150.21 a month


For a deposit of just £500, you can get your hands on a Hyundai i10 SE for £150.21 a month. The i10 is one of the best city cars you can buy and also promises to be one of the most reliable.

Peugeot 208 Allure: £149 a month


The refreshed Peugeot 208 remains a popular choice in the supermini segment, not least because of some of the tempting offers. The 208 1.2 Allure is available for £149 a month, with a deposit of £3,556.

Toyota Aygo X: £127.42 a month


Toyota is offering a range of flexible finance deals on its Aygo city car. The three-door Aygo X could be yours for £127.42 after a deposit of just £800.

Skoda Citigo SE: £139 a month


The Skoda Citigo is arguably the best value of the Up/Mii/Citigo trio, as demonstrated by this tempting deal. Skoda will add £500 to your £849.41 deposit, enabling you to drive away in a three-door Citigo SE for £139 a month.

Mitsubishi Mirage Attivo: £149 a month


The Mitsubishi Mirage isn’t the sharpest supermini in the box, but it should be cheap to run. For a deposit of £3,154, Mitsubishi is offering the Mirage Attivo for £149 a month.

MG 3Form: £159 a month


Sitting just above our £150 budget is the MG3 3Form at £159 a month. For us, the deposit of £1,167.58 makes this a better prospect than the £99 a month 3Time, which requires a deposit of £2,110.78.

Nissan Note Acenta Premium: £139 a month


Nissan is offering the Note Acenta Premium for £139 a month on a two-year contract, but you’ll need to find £5,450.25 for the deposit. Alternatively, opt for a three-year deal and Nissan will contribute £2,000, bringing the monthly cost down to £99.

Suzuki S-Cross SZ3: £149 a month


Though our money would be on the Vitara, the S-Cross remains a tempting proposition. The two-wheel drive 1.6-litre SZ3 is available for £149 and a deposit of £1,769. Suzuki will add an extra £1,000 to the pot.

Fiat Qubo Active: £155 a month


Here’s another Fiat you may have forgotten about. The Qubo is a van-based MPV that majors on practicality and value. The Qubo Active 1.4 is yours for £155 a month and a deposit of £1,999.

Mazda 2 SE: £119 a month


If you value driving dynamics, the Mazda 2 could be the supermini for you. Right now, The Mazda 2 SE is available for £119 a month, with a deposit of £3,474.62.

Peugeot 108 Top Allure: £149 a month


Fancy going topless this spring? The Peugeot 108 Top features a fold-back roof, so you can let the sunshine in. That’s assuming we get some. The well-equipped Allure is yours for £149 a month and a deposit of £2,611.86.

Citroen C4 Cactus: £159 a month


We’ve pushed the budget by £9 to bring you this Citroen C4 Cactus PureTech Flair for £159 a month. You just need to find a deposit of £2,785.

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