Dealer group to teach footballers how to drive


When it comes to driving supercars, it pays not to bend it like Beckham. But the internet is awash with stories of Premier League footballers for whom their control let them down. Which is why H.R Owen is ‘giving it 110%’ to ensure accidents don’t happen.

The luxury car dealer is partnering with Premier Sports Network to offer bespoke driver training to any football player who buys a car from one of its showrooms. You know, your Rooneys, your Vardys, your Kanes and your Harts. All being well, this should avoid any footballers getting an unwanted six-pointer (on their driving licence).

The offers applies to all models from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Maserati and Bugatti, which means Wayne Rooney would have missed out when he bought his first car – a Ford SportKa.

According to H.R. Owen, many footballers rush out to buy an expensive motor when they sign their first lucrative contract. It’s fair to say that while some might have a cultured left foot, they can be a little heavy with their right. This driver training should ensure they know how to use that extra yard of pace.

The training – which extends to the road and track – will involve a two-stage driver-training programme at a location convenient to them. H.R Owen’s driver tuition truly is a game of two halves, Clive.

Five key areas will be approached: team sessions, individual coaching, off-road masterclass, dynamic handling masterclass and a safety-focused session to help develop driver skills. ‘Fergie time’ will be offered to those who require additional training. Probably.

Sharon Wright, H.R. Owen’s special projects director, said: “We noticed that many young sports professionals are in a position to buy some of the most powerful cars on sale today. We felt we had a duty of care to ensure these buyers were trained to the highest level before taking delivery of their vehicles.”


In 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo crashed his Ferrari 599 GTB in a tunnel beneath Manchester Airport between Wilmslow and Hale. A year later, Mario Balotelli quite literally made a big impact at Manchester City by colliding with a BMW in his Audi R8.

Other incidents and accidents include Cesc Fabregas wrecking his Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG, Ian Wright making a mess of his Ferrari 360 Spider, while more recently, Diafra Sakho smashed his Lamborghini into a front garden.

Quite clearly, the West Ham player realised he wasn’t in acres of space.

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