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Day trips ruined by the car journey say 8 in 10

Volkswagen BeetleThe vast majority of Brits say they’ve had a day trip ruined before it’s even begun by a terrible car journey – with heavy traffic being the biggest reason why.

81% of respondents to an Automyze survey admit the whole trip has been spoiled by the actual journey to it, with 52% of them blaming heavy traffic.

Even if they get there without trouble, 34% have suffered a ruined day trip because they couldn’t find anywhere to park, while almost 1 in 10 barely made it to their destination in the first place because they got lost en route.

“Brits are great opportunists and often take advantage of the UK’s sporadic days of heat to go on mini-breaks or drive to the coast,” said Automyze director Lucy Burnford.

“While images of knotted handkerchiefs and fish and chips may conjure up the British summer of old, perhaps lines of traffic backed up in seaside downs is today’s more accurate depiction.”

Motorists also revealed the things most likely to wind them up when on the road in summer: topping the table here was people who throw rubbish out of the window – a particular gripe of those aged 45-54.

Groups of cyclists and inconsiderate parking wind up millennials, while slow-moving caravans irritate those aged 35-44.

If you’re 65 or older, other cars playing loud music with the windows open is the thing guaranteed to get your blood boiling.

“The holiday season can mean warmish temperatures but even hotter heads,” said Burnford. Be careful out there…

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