Dad sells son's car after his crashes it into his house

Dad sells son’s car after he crashes it into family home

Dad sells son's car after his crashes it into his house

A man has advertised his son’s Renault Clio on eBay apologising for the abused state it’s in after the teenager treated it like a “dustbin” and crashed it into the family home.

The seller, from Devon, blames the slipping clutch going unnoticed because of his son’s love of loud music – and says it’s amazing that the electric windows still work considering the amount of times they’ve gone up and down for “banter with the passing girls, many of whom have been taken for rides in the car.”

He adds that this might explain why the passenger seat no longer moves back and forwards, and admits that there may or may not be any water or oil left in the car.

At the time of writing, bidding is up to £200,000 for the 2005 Renault Clio, but the seller admits he isn’t expecting it to be sold for this amount.

He says he’d like to give it to charity and that “what they [the new owner] do with the car will be up to them,” calling on Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson to lend a hand dropping it from a large height.