“Cut out and keep” car tax discs for final few months

The paper tax disc will soon be no more. You can read more about the new rules here, but what you need to know is from 1 October 2014 digital records will replace the little round circle in the corner of car windscreens.

However, on the run-up to that point, it seems drivers will now have to cut out their car tax discs, rather than carefully tearing them from the perforated paper as the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has run out of the traditional serrated tax disc.

On Bing: see pictures of the paper tax disc

Tax discs will be scrapped in October: do you know the rules

Drivers will now have to cut out their own tax disc, as the DVLA will print the road tax roundel in house on conventional paper.

A DVLA spokesperson told the BBC that “Tax discs can be expensive to produce and we have always planned to run down stocks on the run up to 1 October.

“To make sure we deliver the best possible savings to the taxpayer we have not procured more stock for these last few weeks, and will instead print the remaining discs in house.”

It means UK motorists ordering a new tax disc in the final month of the paper item’s use will be sent a “cut out and keep” item.

If you order directly from the DVLA by taxing your car online, no longer will we be faced with the challenge of carefully tearing the pastel-coloured tax disc from its small serrations; one of life’s great pleasures gone forever.

However, if you choose to tax your car in the final four weeks at a Post Office you’ll still be presented with a perforated disc, as the PO has its own private stock of special paper.

Will you welcome the new digital car tax records, or will you lament the loss of the paper disc?

On Bing: see pictures of the paper tax disc

Tax discs will be scrapped in October: do you know the rules

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