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Cut diesel prices to £1 a litre NOW, says RAC

RAC diesel carThe RAC has repeated its call for fuel retailers to cut diesel prices to £1 a litre or less – because wholesale savings are currently not being passed on at the forecourt.

“We are still looking for the supermarkets to cut the price of diesel properly and give motorists the Christmas present they deserve,” said RAC Fuel Watch spokesman Simon Williams.

“The wholesale price of diesel is still 2p a litre cheaper than petrol, but despite this the average pump price of diesel is 106p – 3p a litre more expensive than unleaded.”

This is out of line with what’s happening on wholesale markets, he stressed.

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If pump prices more closely reflected reality, said Williams, “we would have seen £1 a litre diesel already. The cuts to the diesel forecourt price should have happened far faster and been far more dramatic than has been the case.”

The fact that it hasn’t is “bad news for the country’s 11 million diesel car drivers”.

As the price of oil has sat below $40 a barrel for the past two weeks, and petrol prices have been sub-£1 a litre for some time now, it’s time for fuel retailers, particularly the supermarkets, to act. Who’s going to be first?

Oh, and if you think fuel is currently cheap in Britain, take a look to France to see what cheap diesel is really like. Current price over there? €1 a litre.

That’s 73p a litre…

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