Curry or car?

Put down the takeaway menu, pick up a car brochure: if you can afford one, you can afford the other…

According to research by, the average Brit forks out £110 on takeaway meals every month.

Which doesn’t strike us as a particularly healthy or sensible way to spend part of the household budget.

The survey goes on to reveal that Chinese food is now the nation’s favourite takeaway, consigning Indian to second place and the Great British fish and chips into third. Maybe the growth of Chinese cars will mirror that of the Chinese takeaway in the UK.

On the other hands, maybe we’re looking far too much into this.

But it did get us thinking. With British car buyers able to devour some of the best new car finance deals, what car could you take away (you see what we did there?) for less than £110 a month?

Let Motoring Research serve up some of the best monthly finance deals. You won’t even need a knife and fork.

September deals

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2017 is proving to be a difficult time for new car sales, with the SMMT reporting a record low since 2012 for registrations so far this year. As the plate-change month of September nears, a time when manufacturers typically go all-out to attract customers to showrooms, there’s no shortage of tempting offers available. We’ve hunted out the best - from £11500 off a new Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT to free insurance for 18 year olds on a Seat Ibiza.