Cows stop car thief

You’re udder arrest: cows help police to stop car thief

Cows stop car thief

Picture the scene: you’re on the run from the cops, a police helicopter is tracking your every move, while Alastair Stewart – or Sheriff John Bunnell – is providing step-by-step commentary from a TV studio. The odds are stacked against you.

The Big Book of Cops and Robbers warned you to expect a chase, but never in your wildest nightmares did you expect a herd of cows to stop you in your tracks.

But that’s precisely what happened in Florida on Sunday, when officers from Sandford Police were tracking down suspects who had crashed a stolen car before bailing out and making a run for it.

Police arrested one suspect, leaving the other to the mercy of the helicopter… and 20 or so cows. 

“Actually, the large group of cows is following her [the suspect],” said the eye in the sky, before telling the cops on the ground that “they may attack her.”

The herd acted like police dogs, forcing the suspect one way, then another, seemingly unhappy that the car thief had strayed on to their turf. Florida cows are very protective of their green grass.

Watch as one cow behaves like an excitable labrador, harassing the suspect who had dared to venture into their ‘hood. Don’t mess with the cows, especially angry attack cows.

OK, corral

The crim, no doubt exhausted following her ordeal, was soon arrested and taken into custody. Officers said: “A group of cows provided law enforcement [with] a big assist, repeatedly following and helping corral one who strayed on to their turf.”

In response to a tweet from the Los Angeles Police Department, Seminole County Sheriff’s Office said: “Thank you. Those cattle are an important part of the thin MOO line!”

Udder bovine-related jokes are available, but we wouldn’t like to milk the opportunity. Anyway, mooving on…

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