Cost of insurance is deterring young drivers from learning to drive

learning to drive insurance premiums

As many as one in four parents admit that the high cost of car insurance puts them off encouraging their 17 year-olds to get on the road.

Around 2,500 parents were surveyed by Young Driver, of which over 600 said they were reluctant to encourage their kids to learn to drive, based on the steep associated costs.

Worryingly, 38 percent of parents said that new drivers should have a cheap old runaround, in spite of the obvious lower standard of safety. A car that got a five star NCAP rating in 2012 would likely score as little as three today. Newer cars can be cheaper to insure given that they’re safer, but then there’s the obvious expense of purchase…

“Not all new drivers are the same and there shouldn’t be a blanket high cost to getting on the road,” said Laura White, Young Driver’s head of marketing.

“For too long new drivers have been quoted ridiculously high insurance premiums, disadvantaging several generations.”

A possible solution?

In response to stratospheric premiums, Young Driver is looking to offer a new insurance product in association with iKube. Newly qualified drivers could get insured for as little a £95 per month. That adds up to over £600 less than what some have recorded national average for annual insurance premiums for young drivers.

Learner drivers in the UK

This is available to new drivers who have previously had early driver tuition with Young Driver, based on research that suggests early driver education makes for better drivers.

A combined car lease and insurance deal is available from £270 to get new drivers on the road in a brand new Vauxhall Corsa. That’s insurance included, with a few caveats of course. Don’t be doing over 8,000 miles a year…

“We know our lessons help create safer drivers, so it’s common sense that our past pupils should benefit in terms of insurance costs,” continues Laura.

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