Cops seize car after 5-year-old filmed doing a burnout

Cops seize car after 5-year-old filmed doing a burnout

Cops seize car after 5-year-old filmed doing a burnout

An Australian man has had his car seized by police after a video he shot of his five-year-old son doing a burnout went viral.

Alex Dobson filmed his son Riley at the wheel of the car on his driveway in Queensland, encouraging him to spin the rear wheels and fill the car with smoke.

He posted the clip on Youtube, along with the caption: “When your 5-year-old says… Dad, can I do a burnout? Sure son, no worries.”

But the video – which now appears to have been taken down after attracting more than two million views – got the attention of local police, who have seized Dobson’s car.

In the video, he can be heard saying, “Guess who’s doing a burnout? Go, go.

“All by himself. Hell yeah, buddy. That’s my boy.

“Look, there’s no one in the car with you. High five.”

It’s not clear whether charges can be laid as the burnout took place on private property – and many viewers seem to be backing the father.

“I wish my dad [had] let me do burnouts in his car when I was five,” one Youtube comment said.

“All you [politically correct] morons going on about safety are such PC idiots,” another one added. “Basing your evidence and judgement on a short YouTube clip is like saying superman can fly because you saw it in a film.

“This could well be done safely and if it was, good on dad. Plenty of loser dads don’t spend any time with their sons let alone have fun like this.”

Child protection offers are investigating whether the dad was reckless – but Dobson’s told local news channels that he’s been taking his son to burnout competitions since he was born.

He’s also admitted that he now regrets posting the video.

“No way would I ever put my child’s life at risk,” he said.

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