Cool Runnings: Nissan builds a seven-seat bobsleigh

Nissan bobsleigh

It answers a question nobody ever asked, but that didn’t stop Nissan from building the world’s first seven-seat bobsleigh. So if you’re looking for alternative transport for the school run, pop into your local Nissan dealer.

Actually, don’t do that, because – for now at least – the Nissan bobsleigh is a one-off. But hey, if you live at the top of a mountain and just happen to have a bobsleigh track running between you and the nearest school, perhaps you should speak to Nissan. Just don’t bank on the bobsleigh having any cup holders. Or room for luggage. Or heated seats…

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According to the team at Nissan, the bobsleigh was inspired by the X-Trail – well they would say that, wouldn’t they – and was handcrafted by bobsled manufacturer Diego Menardi at his workshop in Cortina. You’ll remember Cortina d’Ampezzo from the Bond film, For Your Eyes Only. Yes, the one in which Roger Moore ends up on the famous Eugenio Monti track.

Anyway, back to the Nissan bobsleigh, which is something we never thought we’d write.

Nissan worked with Diego Menardi and sport expert Ian Richardson to, in Nissan’s words, “morph car design with Olympic aerodynamics.” The result is a seven-seat bobsleigh with headlights and Nissan’s familiar V-shape front grille. Although it’s not a grille. But it does have a Nissan badge.

Nissan bobsleigh and X-Trail

Darryl Scriven, design manager at Nissan Design Europe, said: “We wanted to give the opportunity to experience first-hand the adventurous nature of our crossover segment through the thrill and excitement of Olympic bobsleighing.

“The outcome mimics the fresh ideas and technologies from the brand’s ground-breaking crossover models.”

There’s apparently no truth in the rumour that Nissan is set to launch a second bobsleigh based on the Pulsar five-door hatchback. The segment-busting bobsleigh was likely to feature the most rear leg-room in its class, along with unparalleled levels of elbow space.

According to Nissan, the bobsleigh has a top speed of 65mph and is capable of sprinting to 62mph in 30 seconds. In light of the emissions scandal, Nissan has chosen to keep the economy figures close to its chest.

Speak to your local dealer about arranging a test drive. Just be sure to take your own snow, bobsleigh track, mountain, gloves, helmet and life insurance…

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