Conservative Party the best for motorists says campaign group

Conservative Party the best for motorists says Fair Fuel campaign group

A survey of more than 1,000 general election candidates has revealed that the Conservative Party is the one most likely to benefit motorists following this week’s election.

That’s according to the FairFuelUK campaign, whose supporters asked their candidates across the UK where they stand on issues such as fuel duty, road investment and banning diesel cars.

Read the party manifestos on Motoring Research:

A total of 1,232 candidates from all the main political parties responded – with the Tories coming out top on the issues ranked as most important by FairFuelUK.

The survey revealed that two thirds of Conservative candidates want to cut fuel duty, while the rest want to see it frozen. While more than half (52.5%) of Labour candidates want to see a fuel duty freeze, 12.5% said they wanted to increase it and just over a quarter (27.5%) want to see it cut.

Nearly one in 10 (9.62%) of Lib Dem candidates said they wanted to see fuel duty increased, while a quarter responded with ‘no comment’ and just 11.54% said they wanted to see it cut. The rest backed a fuel duty freeze.

While Conservative candidates unanimously oppose a ban on diesel vehicles, only four in five (82.5%) Labour members wouldn’t agree to a diesel ban. Unsurprisingly, since it was one of the main points in their manifesto, 82.69% of Lib Dem candidates said they approved of a ban on diesel cars.

Both the Scottish National Party (100%) and Conservative Party (93.33%) strongly supported investing in UK roads to the same amount as HS2 – as did the majority of independent (83.33%), UKIP (80%) and Labour (80%) candidates. Just over half (51.92%) of Lib Dem respondents agreed, as did 9.28% of Green Party members.

“Voting for a party that increases fuel duty, reduces road building, bans sales of all diesel cars and vans and increases taxes for drivers means you will be helping sign a death warrant for the UK economy,” said FairFuelUK spokesman, Quentin Willson.

“With Brexit, rising inflation, epic congestion and economic inertia the last thing the UK needs are ill-informed politicians who will burden our transport-based economy with higher costs. This election isn’t about political ideologies but keeping our fragile economy moving.”

The organisation points out that none of the major political parties have outlined their taxation plans for drivers after the general election, prompting concerns that motorists could be seen as an easy money-spinner after June 8th.

“It seems Tory Party candidates in our survey are against fuel tax hikes or further demonisation of diesel in the next Parliament,” said FairFuelUK founder Howard Cox. “Good news perhaps, but, the lack of policies for motorists and small businesses in the party manifestos remains very chilling.

“Why the secrecy? What is the next Government planning so covertly for hard-working families and white van drivers after June 8. Are they to remain the Treasury’s cash cows for the next 5 years and have to put up with the highest of taxes and lack of investment in our roads?’

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