Configurator: 2013 Porsche Macan


We reported last week that Porsche dealers are now taking orders for the new Macan premium compact SUV.

As such, you can now configure your dream Macan on the Porsche website.

Now, we do like a good play with a configurator and, while it was tempting to see how expensive we can make the Macan or chose the most bizarre options (£1611 for Aurum metallic – beige to you and me), we decided to go down the sensible route.

So here’s what we came up with. It’s what we’d choose as a responsible Porsche buyer – with resale values and fuel economy being our top concern…


Of course, it wouldn’t be a sensible SUV if we didn’t start with the diesel – in this case, a 258hp 3.0-litre V6 diesel for £43,300. At 46.3mpg, that’s about as sensible as you’ll get a Porsche.

First of all, you have to select either front and rear ParkAssist (£558), or the reversing camera with ParkAssist (£890). We’re not sure why these options appear to be compulsory – it is a fairly big car, we suppose – but if buyers have no choice but to pay, you might as well go for the reversing camera. Options like this will definitely be good when it comes to resale.

Another compulsory option is the choice of digital radio (£283) or TV tuner with digital radio (£1023). In this case we wouldn’t pay the extra – spend the £800 saved on a nice TV for your home. It’ll be considerably better than any Porsche could offer.

When it comes to colours, there isn’t a particularly wide range available. We suspect brown’s on the verge of becoming popular, but to play it safe we’d go for a metallic black, grey or silver. Bland, we know, but they’ll always sell.

Wheels are a tricky one. No one will want a Macan with small wheels so this is a good place to spend a bit of money. The 20-inch SportDesign alloys look good to us – and are reasonable value at £1457.

Inside, we’d love to opt for red leather but a) it’s expensive and b) it’s going to be hard on resale values. The partial leather seats with leather package seems a good compromise at £1052, and should be more appealing to secondhand buyers than the Alcantara.

Now, onto the options list…

As tempting as carbon sideblades are (£801 door cladding, essentially), you can get a lot of door dings repaired for the same cost.

The panaromic roof option is an expensive one at £1093, but it’s a sensible way of spending money, in our opinion. We expect it’ll transform the Macan inside – people usually buy SUVs like this to transport families, so an airy interior for the kids will always be popular with buyers.

Floor mats are a ‘standard option’, apparently… and they’ll cost you £81. They are a practical addition to the car, and we guess Macan buyers won’t be happy with a cheap Halfords alternative.

Porsche Communication Management is an expensive option at a whopping £2007 – but we reckon it’s relatively good value. For that you get a 7-inch touchscreen display – with sat-nav, an internal 40 GB hard drive for storing MP3 files and a CD/DVD player. Used Macans with this option are definitely likely to command a premium.

That brings us to a total price of a not insignificant £49,848 – that’s over £8000 worth of options. We’ve tried to be fairly sensible here – have we been over the top? Or would you want more options? Is £50k for a grey, diesel Porsche a bit silly?

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