Seat AronaThe traditional company car is generally a supermini or family-sized hatchback: the growing trend for SUVs has yet to fully infiltrate the fleet car sector. But this may be about to change, as car manufacturers roll out ever-cheaper SUVs with lower monthly running costs.

Seat is one brand who thinks it may have stolen a march on the competition. Its new Arona small SUV – a rival to the Nissan Juke – costs at least £50 a month less to run than its key competitors, in base Arona SE 1.0 TSI 95 guise.

The firm is quoting a cost per mile of just over 51p over a 60,000-mile, three-year fleet car lifetime, a figure the firm is happy to describe as “exceptional”.

The new crossover-look SUV, which costs from £16,555, is helped to its strong ‘Whole Life Costs’ (WLC) result by a set of decent retained values: independent data experts CAP says the base Arona will retain around 41 percent of that new list price after three years. Normal fleet car fodder tends to retain percentages in the low-30s.

Add in low servicing costs and strong fuel economy for a car fleet bosses can put on their company car lists without fear of reprisal from the accounts department.

“More than ever,” said Seat UK head of fleet and business sales Peter McDonald, “Customers are focused on getting the best value for total cost of ownership, and CAP’s figures make the Arona one of the most inviting propositions for fleet decision-makers.”

Sounds like the new Arona could thus be coming to a business park near you soon…  

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