Colin McRae's Metro on eBay for £350,000

Colin McRae's Metro on eBay for £350,000

Colin McRae's Metro on eBay for £350,000

A rare MG Metro 6R4 has been advertised on eBay with a whopping £350,000 price tag – and a certain Colin McRae named as a previous owned on the V5.

The legendary rally driver, who died in 2007 aged 39, was better known for driving Subaru Imprezas in the WRC, but he also drove a rally-spec Metro in his earlier days.

He bought this Metro 6R4 in 1998 and used it as a course car in that year’s Colin McRae Stages. Unfortunately it set on fire while he was working on it in his garage, leaving it neglected for many years until after his death.

The car was rescued by specialists, who set about giving it a ground-up, bare-metal restoration.

Created for the Group B category, the mid-engined Metro 6R4 was powered by a 3.0-litre V6 engine. Homologation versions produced around 250hp – but 20 examples were built to international spec with more than 400hp.

McRae’s Metro is one of the more powerful examples, meaning it’s one of the most desirable Metros ever sold.

The advert states: “We are inundated with requests to display the car at a wide range of shows and festivals.

“[It’s] a real crowd puller and we are now looking for the next custodian of this significant car.

“Very rarely does an opportunity come available to buy a celebrity car with real provenance and performance!”

If your budget won’t stretch to this ultra-desirable Metro 6R4, a homologation version is currently advertised on the auction site for £75,000. A 1.3-litre Austin Metro L from 1990 is also available for £995.

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