The ultimate classic Ferrari number plate is up for sale

Ferrari 250 S plate for sale

Do you own a classic Ferrari 250? Are you looking for the perfect personalised number plate? Your luck might be in, as the UK’s DVLA is about to put ‘250 S’ up for sale. It will hit the block tomorrow at the 17 September autumn auction.

The reserve is £2,500, which might seem like a lot for registration plate, but hold up. A similar plate, ’25 O’, bought for a 250 Short Wheelbase, became the highest-priced personal plate sold by the DVLA in 2014, hammering for £400,000.

Ferrari 250 S plate for sale

The chances are, however, that if you’re the recent purchaser of a Ferrari 250, £400,000 isn’t going to seem like an awful lot. The potential with this new plate is huge – even the DVLA isn’t sure how high it will go.

“While we have high expectations for every one of our 1,250 lots on offer, there’s no question the personalised registration ‘250 S’ could be of particular significance for those collectors of ultra-rare Ferraris out there. As for its value, we cannot predict what it will fetch.” 

Ferrari 250 S plate for sale

Getting into specifics, the 250 S is the first of many 250-badged Ferraris built in the 50s and 60s. It first raced at the 1952 Mille Miglia and then at Le Mans. The name ‘250’ came from the size of the engine, divided by the number of cylinders. In this case, it’s a 3.0-litre 12-cylinder, so that’s 3,000cc divided by 12 – 250.

There are a couple of other Ferrari-themed plates up for grabs, too. Got a 488 Pista or F8 Tributo that’s missing a little somethng? Fear not. ‘P115 TAA’ and ‘T218 UTO’ are available. They’re a bit more attainable, each with £250 price tags. They, along with ‘250 S’ will be among some 1,250 plates up for sale.