Classic Car Quiz Spring 2016

Test your retro car knowledge: can you guess the classic car?

Classic Car Quiz Spring 2016Spring is here and many classic car owners are getting their retro models out from storage. Test how well you know your classics by taking our quiz

[Question]1. A classic Aston Martin but which model is it?[Question]

Aston Martin DB6 Mark 2




[Question]2. Is this the most famous classic car in the world?[Question]

Jaguar E-type

[Answer-Correct]Jaguar E-type[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Austin-Healey 3000[/Answer]

[Answer]Jensen Interceptor[/Answer]

[Question]3. A high-tech German supercar but what is it?[Question]

Porsche 959

[Answer]Porsche 911[/Answer]

[Answer]Porsche 917[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Porsche 959[/Answer-Correct]

[Question]4. It’s the car that put the world on the road![/Question]

Ford Model T

[Answer-Correct]Ford Model T[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Ford Model A[/Answer]

[Answer]Austin Seven[/Answer]

[Question]5. Can you identify this classic Ferrari supercar?[/Question]

Ferrari 512 BB

[Answer]Ferrari 365 GT4 BB[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Ferrari 512 BB[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Ferrari 308 GTB[/Answer]

[Question]6. Designed by an Italian but what is it?[/Question]

Lotus Esprit

[Answer]Maserati Bora [/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Lotus Esprit[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Lamborghini Jalpa[/Answer]

[Question]7. What is this groundbreaking German saloon from the 1970s?[/Question]


[Answer]BMW 5 Series[/Answer]

[Answer]Audi 100[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]NSU RO80[/Answer-Correct]

[Question]8. What is this well-loved British classic?[/Question]

Triumph Stag

[Answer-Correct]Triumph Stag[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Triumph Spitfire[/Answer]

[Answer]Triumph 2500Pi[/Answer]

[Question]9. A modern MG roadster but what is it?[/Question]



[Answer-Correct]MG TF[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]MG TC[/Answer]

[Question]10. Some say it’s the most beautiful supercar in the world…[/Question]

Lamborghini Miura

[Answer-Correct]Lamborghini Miura[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Maserati Bora[/Answer]

[Answer]Ferrari Dino[/Answer]

[Question]11. It’s a Land Rover but which one?[/Question]

Land Rover Series I

[Answer]Land Rover Defender[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Land Rover Series I[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Land Rover Series II[/Answer]

[Question]12. Name the Lamborghini supercar[/Question]

Lamborghini Diablo SV

[Answer-Correct]Lamborghini Diablo SV[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Lamborghini Countach[/Answer]

[Answer]Lamborghini Aventador[/Answer]

[Question]13. It’s the car you always promised yourself[/Question]

Ford Capri Mk1 facelift

[Answer]Ford Capri Mk1[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Ford Capri Mk1 Facelift[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Ford Mustang[/Answer]

[Question]14. A well-liked car from a British car company of yesteryear[/Question]

Triumph TR4

[Answer-Correct]Triumph TR4[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Triumph TR5[/Answer]

[Answer]Triumph TR6[/Answer]

[Question]15. It’s a Ferrari, but which one?[/Question]

Ferrari F40

[Answer]Ferrari F60[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Ferrari F40[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Ferrari F50[/Answer]

[Question]16. The MGB is a popular classic car but just which one is this?[/Question]


[Answer]MGB GT[/Answer]


[Answer-Correct]MGB GT V8[/Answer-Correct]

[Question]17. The silhouette is familiar but is the model?[/Question]

Porsche 911 SuperSport

[Answer]Porsche 911[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Porsche 911 SuperSport[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Porsche 911 Turbo[/Answer]

[Question]18. Name the fast Ford[/Question]

Ford Fiesta XR2

[Answer-Correct]Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk1[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Ford Fiesta XR2 Mk2[/Answer]

[Answer]Ford Fiesta XR3[/Answer]

[Question]19. It’s a throwback from Bentley’s vintage past, but which one?[/Question]

Bentley Supersports 1925

[Answer]Bentley 4 ½ Litre ‘Blower’[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]1925 Bentley Supersport[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Bentley 8 Litre[/Answer]

[Question]20. A more modern Bentley but can you name it?[/Question]

Bentley Turbo R

[Answer]Bentley Mulsanne[/Answer]

[Answer-Correct]Bentley Turbo R[/Answer-Correct]

[Answer]Bentley Arnage[/Answer]

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