Son accidentally buys Saab sold by his dad 43 years ago

Saab fan and garage owner James Edwards couldn’t resist buying a Saab 96 at a classic car auction in October.

When he got the car home he discovered that his father had sold the car, registration number BAW 77IL, when it was new 43 years earlier.

  • 1960 Saab 96: new arrival

John Edwards, 81, who retired from running Westbury Garage in 1996, fell in love with the Saab in 1972. He was so taken with it that he photographed it and hung its picture on the garage wall for many years.

He sold it for £1,023 and hadn’t seen it again until James brought it home from the Richard Edmonds’ Chippenham auction on 25 October.

Former garage employee, Doris Williams, now aged 86, was also reunited with the car, which she had washed while it was up for sale.

James Edwards said: “I was amazed to discover Dad had sold the car all that time ago. I knew there was a local connection, but had no idea it was such a strong one.”

Auctioneer Richard Edmonds added: “When James told us the story about the car and his father, we were blown away. I feel like we’ve played matchmaker in this story, which is wonderful for us and our team.”

James will display the car at Westbury Garage and use it occasionally. He is researching the car’s history, and would like any previous owners to contact him by email