Classic car enthusiast has his STEERING WHEEL stolen

Classic car enthusiast has his STEERING WHEEL stolen

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A rare steering wheel worth £250 has been stolen from a 1991 Volkswagen Polo parked on its owners driveway in Lincolnshire.

19-year-old Bradley Lawson’s is gradually restoring his Mk2 Polo saloon but had to leave it unlocked for a weekend while he went away, as the locks were being refurbished. The student was surprised to return home to find the Polo’s door left open with its steering wheel and speakers missing.

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“[The steering wheel was] made by an American company, Grip Royal and it had been imported,” he told Lincolnshire Live. “There is only five of these steering wheels in the country.”

The custom-made steering wheel is carved out of mahogany and costs around £250 before import charges are added.

“All of the steering wheels are handmade so they are limited edition, you put the order in for them and when they are made they are shipped out to you.”

As the vehicle was left unlocked, it’s unlikely that his insurance provider will pay out for the stolen goods. Police are currently looking into the theft.

Lawson added: “They just opened the door and took it. The house is gated and fenced off – you don’t expect them to climb in, get it and then run off.”

Older cars are an easy target for thieves as they lack anything more than the most basic of security measures. Volkswagens of this era are popular with young drivers as they’re cheap to run and easy to modify, with a huge ‘scene’ of enthusiasts providing support.

Part thefts are nothing new – even modern cars such as the Vauxhall Corsa have been targeted by gangs looking to steal parts to sell online.

Top tips for protecting your classic car

1: Fit a tracker
2: Add an aftermarket alarm and/or immobiliser
3: Use a steering wheel lock
4: Park in a garage
5: Disconnect the battery to prevent it being started

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