Jeremy Clarkson caught speeding

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed he’s been caught speeding by a fixed speed camera and has received the first points on his licence in 30 years.

Clarkson was given the points because he was going too quickly to be eligible for a speed awareness course alternative.

The Top Gear presenter admitted the indiscretion in his column in the Sun – just a month after writing of his frustration about the number of speed cameras on the route in question between Whitby and London.

“Well, it seems one of them got me,” he has now said.

Clarskon told the Daily Mail he couldn’t remember the exact speed he was travelling at – “80 something, 82 in a 60, nothing catastrophic,” he said.

“I was only a couple of miles over being allowed to do the [speed awareness] course, it’s not catastrophic, nobody died.”

Road safety campaigners predictably jumped on his comments. Amy Aeron-Thomas, executive director of crash victim charity RoadPeace, said his comments were “absolutely shocking”.