The Citroen stand at Retromobile 2019 looks fantastique

Citroen at Retromobile 2019

Citroen’s stand at Retromobile 2019 was always going to be special, but as this 90-second video demonstrates, it promises to be the star attraction in Paris. 

From the Type A 10 HP of 1919, through to the C5 Aircross SUV of today, Citroen has assembled a group of 30 cars representing 100 years of innovation, creativity and eccentricity.

The vehicles are divided across three themes: production cars, concept cars and racing cars. You’ll need more than 90 seconds to take in the splendour of these magnificent machines.

There are famous vehicles, such as the Traction Avant, 2CV and DS 21 Pallas – three of the most significant cars of the 20th century. You’ll also find a Type H Van that’s not selling hot drinks or overpriced sandwiches – a rarity that’s not often seen in the wild.

Motorsport fans are catered for thanks to the likes of the Xsara Kit Car and ZX Rally-Raid, while concepts include the Camargue and GTbyCitroen. The 3D virtual tour also shows Ronnie Pickering’s choice of wheels, although the Picasso isn’t listed as one of the cars on show in Paris.

Alongside Citroen’s centenary stand, Retromobile will also celebrate 60 years of the Mini, 45 years of the PRV engine, and the 1950 BRM Type 15.

Doors open 6 February

The doors open on 6 February, but don’t worry if you can’t make it to Paris – our man Tim Pitt will be on hand to take photos of the best exhibits.

In the meantime, enjoy this tantalising glimpse at the Citroen stand.

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