When Citroen met Concorde

Concorde Citroen DS5 6

Today marks a decade since the final flight of the Concordes: three landed in a sad but proud procession at Heathrow.

It was the end of supersonic flight and the end of a famous aircraft. 10 years on, thousands still wonder how such a backward step was ever sanctioned.

Let’s not be too mournful, though – let’s instead celebrate the beauty of Concorde… by recalling a photoshoot Citroen did in late 2011 with its then-new DS5.

Rather wonderfully, this was a recreation of a shoot originally held for the DS, which posed with an Air France Concorde. Citroen revived it at Le Bourget Airport with the help of Citroen Styling photographer Laurent Nivalle.

Below, we share the results of the shoot, and show a few of the original too. Rather wonderful, don’t you think?

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