Citroen DS3 2014

Citroen DS3 facelifted with even more LEDs, even less CO2

Citroen DS3 2014

Citroen polishes DS3 with a sparkling new set of headlights and even more LEDs

Citroen has revealed the facelifted DS3 range which includes new LED and Xenon lighting tech that’s a worldwide first for this class of car.

All top-line DS3 and DS3 Cabrio DSport models will feature an eye-catching combination of Xenon and LED lighting modules, arranged in a row of four ‘bulbs’. The lights use 35% less power in dipped mode and a hefty 75% less in high beam which, as we’ll see, helps Citroen achieve some eye-opening CO2 figures.

Uniquely to the sector, it also includes new Audi A8-style sequential indicators which ‘point’ which way the driver’s turning.

DS3 enthusiasts should fear not, though: the characteristic vertical LED strips in the bumper also remain, as do the LED rear lights. That’s a lot of LEDs (good job they last 20 times longer than halogen lights…).

There are new colours – Pearl White and Belle-Ile Blue on the Cabrio – and Citroen’s introduced a new 17-inch diamond-cut alloy wheel option. New Active City Brake and reversing cameras are also available.

CO2 drops to just 79g/km

New diesel engines help further improve already impressive fuel economy. Both BlueHDi 120 and BlueHDi 100 have SCR NOx reduction – cutting emissions by 90% and ensuring Euro 6 compliance – and the BlueHDi 100 emits as little as 79g/km CO2. That equals 94mpg.

The punchier BlueHDi 120 isn’t too far behind: 94g/km CO2 and 78mpg.

Citroen says the facelifted DS3 models will be available from July production, with prices to be announced soon.