Unfair parking tickets

Revealed: the cities with the most unfair parking tickets

Unfair parking tickets

Up to two-thirds of parking tickets are overturned when challenged. That’s according to a recent Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

FOIs were sent to major city councils to identify how many parking penalty charge notices (PCNs) were issued in a year. The councils were also asked how many were appealed and how many of these challenges were successful.

Based on the FOI data, it would appear that parking wardens in Newcastle are a little trigger happy with their ticket machines. Of the 81,000 PCNs issued, nearly a quarter were appealed by disgruntled motorists. Of these challenges, 66 percent were successful, meaning that one in six (16 percent) of all PCNs were overturned.

The results were similar in Liverpool, Cardiff, Bristol and Leeds. Meanwhile, in London, a massive 3.7 million parking tickets were issued in a year, but very few were appealed. Indeed, just one percent of PCNs were appealed – with 0.3 percent of all tickets overturned.

What is a penalty charge notice (PCN)?

A PCN can be issued for a parking violation, breaking some traffic rules or not paying the charge for the London congestion zone, low emission zone or Dart Charge on time. You usually have 28 days to pay, and the fine is often reduced if you pay within a fortnight. 

If you fail to pay a PCN within 28 days, you’ll be issued with a ‘charge certificate’. You’ll have 14 days to pay the original fine plus an additional 50 percent.

How to challenge a PCN

Parking ticket

You can challenge a PCN if you feel it has been issued unfairly. A challenge must be issued within 28 days. If you do it within 14 days and the challenge is rejected you may only have to pay 50 percent of the fine.

There are different rules for challenging, depending on the PCN in question.

If you received a parking ticket on the spot, for example on your windscreen, you should make an informal challenge with the council. The appeal process starts by using the relevant postcode on the government’s website.

If you received a PCN through the post, you must make a formal challenge (representation) with the council. A formal challenge should also be used if your informal challenge is rejected. Use the same link to start the appeal process.

In the case of a formal challenge, you must:

  • Explain your reasons for challenging the PCN, using as much detail as possible.
  • Provide copies of any evidence to support your challenge. Evidence could include a valid pay and display ticket, photos of signs that are unclear, witness statements, photos of the road markings, or a repair note if your car had broken down.

If the formal challenge is rejected, you’ll be given 28 days to pay. Alternatively, you can take the appeal to an independent tribunal.

How and when you should appeal parking fines

Last month, we published a full and detailed guide to when and how you should appeal a parking fine. It showed that 56 percent of motorists who appeal a fine are successful, so a challenge could be worthwhile.

The penalty charge notice league table

CityPCNs issuedPCNs appealedTotal PCNs overturnedSuccessful appeals
Newcastle80,97224 percent16 percent66 percent
Liverpool89,19023 percent14 percent63 percent
Cardiff66,62120 percent11 percent54 percent
Bristol100,74016 percent9 percent54 percent
Leeds97,27530 percent15 percent51 percent
London3,665,7271 percent0.3 percent49 percent
Sheffield47,16828 percent8 percent30 percent
Glasgow147,94512 percent4 percent30 percent
Edinburgh208,5230.11 percent0.03 percent25 percent
Birmingham136,82015.7 percent3.6 percent23 percent
Manchester598,0600.13 percent0.03 percent23 percent
Leicester78,56213 percent2 percent19 percent
Norwich26,53025 percent2 percent9 percent

The FOI was submitted by AMT. You can see the full results of the research here.

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