Cinch: the website that ‘aims to make car-buying fun again’

New site to simplify car-buying

A new website aims to make buying a car simpler and free of jargon. The tagline for Cinch is ‘faff-free online car service’.

Cinch is apparently a response to consumer research that found 26 percent of people don’t feel confident when finding and buying a used car.

Almost a third (31 percent) said the process was daunting and nearly half (45 percent) said that it wasn’t enjoyable.

What does Cinch do differently?

New site to simplify car-buying

While you can search for a car in the traditional sense, by make, model, mileage and so on, the interesting bit is the new way of finding what you need. There are two tabs: ‘I know what I want’ and ‘Help me choose’.

‘Help me choose’ assists buyers‘ search based on what their needs are. You input budget, information on who’s buying (including height and age) and what kind of driving you do, including how far and often.

You then get a series of pictures that you have to select from, based on what you like. Last but not least, you pick from a list of ‘must-haves’. Included in the 12 options are fuel economy, safety and reliability, as well as speed, acceleration and power.

Hit the button and you have a list of cars that could suit you. For those not in-the-know, it could certainly help.

Less than seven years old and 70,000 miles

New site to simplify car-buying

Cinch will primarily be a hub for car supermarkets and dealers to show off their stock. The site will only list second-hand cars that are seven years old or younger, with less than 70,000 miles on the clock. 

“Every element of Cinch has been built in direct response to what the dealers and consumers have told us they want from the car finding, buying and selling process,” said Jonny Crowe, divisional CEO at Cinch.

New site to simplify car-buying

“Consumers want more intuitive offerings, and we can see dealers under increasing financial and operational pressures to convert consumer leads in the current automotive market; we want to help.

“Many consumers currently arrive at dealerships without really knowing what they want and dealers get overloaded with undifferentiated enquiries. Cinch cuts through this inefficiency, empowering dealers with better-qualified leads that have a higher likelihood of conversion and helping consumers make the right decision.”

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