Chucklevision: pedal-powered Vauxhall Corsa for sale on eBay

A Vauxhall Corsa converted to run on pedal power is for sale on internet auction site, eBay.

Described by the seller as a ‘BikeCar’, the Corsa is advertised for £1,600 and has attracted 130 curious watchers since it was listed on Monday.

“I have a history of making unusual bikes and cars,” explains the Sussex-based seller. “This is this year’s project, and now I offer it for sale to anyone who is into interesting, unusual stuff like this.

“The idea behind the project was this: Make a four-person pedal-powered car, except instead of starting from scratch, fit all the cycling mechanicals into an existing car normal car, keeping elements of the original car such as the lights, electric windows, horn, doors, mirrors, etc.”

He adds that a Vauxhall Corsa was chosen because they’re small and light, with plenty of space inside for all four riders. A number of challenges had to be overcome, meaning the project took longer than expected.

“I was originally thinking of using BMX wheels and brakes with MTB suspension, but the reality of that was they would not be strong enough,” he says.

Chucklevision: pedal-powered Vauxhall Corsa for sale on eBay

The car’s chassis has been replaced by plywood, while the seats are foldable steel camping chairs bolted to the floor.

The suspension uses dampers from a Honda CBR motorbike, while the wheels are heavy-duty steel pit-bike wheels with Michelin tyres.

An electronic control panel has been installed on the dash, controlling the LED headlights, electric windows and horn.

The seller doesn’t suggest how road legal the pedal-powered Corsa is. With no number plate, it could attract the attention of the police – but, with no engine-power, you could argue that it’s no different to riding a bicycle. Good luck having that conversation.