MR the deckchair you can drive

Check out this deckchair you can DRIVE

MR the deckchair you can driveIs the sun going to everyone’s heads? First, we heard about the supercar that runs on salt water, and now, a company has launched a driveable deckchair on a beach in Brighton.

Designed by artist Solomon Rogers, the deckchair has space for two, plus a GPS tracker that follows the movement of the sun in relation to the deckchair’s position on the beach.

Not only does this mean you can grab the perfect spot on the beach for day-long sunshine, it’ll also automatically move the parasol with the sun to keep you shaded.

MR the deckchair you can drive

Everything you could possibly want is kept at arm’s length – sun-cream, drinks and book holders – as well as a refrigerated slushy machine and even a built-in sandpit feature.

And, just to keep everything sand free, there are retractable towels. Want to see it in action? Pull up a stripy canvass pew…