The 10 cheapest cars to insure in 2019

Every new car on the market is given an insurance group ranging from one to 50. Although insurers can use their own system to assess risk, the lower the insurance group, the less you’ll pay for cover. Thanks to Vantage Leasing, we can reveal the cheapest cars to insure in April 2019. The results are presented in reverse order, highest to lowest.

10. Hyundai i10 1.0 S – £567.65

The following factors influence a car’s insurance group rating: performance, cost of repair, the value of the car, security and safety. By definition, a 1.0-litre city car will be far cheaper to insurance than a 2.0-litre compact executive. According to Vantage Leasing, you can expect to pay £567.65 to insure a Hyundai i10 in base-spec S trim.

Helpfully, Hyundai lists the insurance group ratings on its website. If you’re looking to pay the least amount for cover, avoid the 1.2-litre engine and opt for the 1.0-litre. The i10 1.0 S and SE slots into group 2, while Premium and Premium SE versions of the 1.2-litre fall into group 7.

9. Ford Ka+ 1.2 Studio – £523.01

While it’s possible to order a Ford Ka+ in many different flavours, only the Ka+ 1.2 Studio gets a group one insurance group rating. More powerful versions with a superior level of spec might be more desirable, but you’ll pay more for the insurance.

As part of its study, Vantage Leasing selected the 10 most common jobs according to the Office for National Statistics and ranked them from one to 10. Predictably, your occupation plays a part in how much you’ll pay for your insurance, with as much as £100 separating the most expensive and cheapest premiums.

8. Smart Forfour Pure – £512.14

For example, while a computer programmer will pay an average of £553.37 a year, a care worker or a catering employee at a food store will pay more than £650. Meanwhile, a Smart Forfour Pure should cost around £512 to insure.

Of course, there are many variables at play here, so these figures should be used for illustrative purposes only. Your age will influence how much you pay, along with where your car is parked overnight and during the day, any previous convictions and how many miles you drive in a year.

7. Kia Rio 2 1.2 – £491.19

Like Hyundai, Kia lists the different insurance groups on its website, which should provide a handy reference point for those looking to pay as little as possible for car insurance. In the case of the Rio supermini, the groups range from four to 10.

Don’t be too quick to buy the entry-level Kia Rio 1 1.2 in an effort to secure the cheapest insurance quote, because it slots into group six, whereas the Rio 2 1.2 is in group four. That said, the savings you make could be wiped out by the £2,240 difference in the purchase price.

6. Chevrolet Spark 1.0 LS – £489.41

This is a bit of an anomaly because the Chevrolet Spark isn’t available to buy new and hasn’t been on sale for a while. Still, at least you’ll know that it will be cheap to insure should you buy a used example.

In a separate study, Vantage Leasing found that a policy for a driver who leaves their car on the road is almost 10 percent cheaper than for someone who parks in a garage. The reason: because drivers are statistically more likely to have an accident when manoeuvring into a garage.

5. Volkswagen Up 1.0 Take Up – £473.37

Unsurprisingly, Volkswagen’s smallest car is also the cheapest to insure, with the entry-level Take Up falling into the lowest insurance group. Upgrading to the Move Up doesn’t affect the insurance group, but the Up GTI sits in group 17.

It’s worth keeping an eye open for free insurance offers, as some manufacturers roll out different promotions from time to time. Peugeot’s ‘Just Add Fuel’ offer is a good example, with free insurance available to drivers aged 18 and over.

4. Skoda Citigo 1.0 S – £464.94

The Skoda Citigo is cheaper to buy and insure than the Volkswagen Up, although for many buyers, the prestige of the VW badge and the stronger residual values will be worth the additional outlay.

Last year, we ran a feature on how to get cheaper car insurance. Our advice included buying the right car (choosing one of the cars listed in this gallery would be a good start), along with shopping around for the best quote. Use a price comparison site, but also contact companies who aren’t listed on such websites.

3. Seat Mii 1.0 S – £459.03

You should also consider how much excess you want to pay and the type of policy required. For example, if you drive a car worth £500, it might be more cost effective to take out a third-party, fire and theft policy.

Interestingly, of the Up-Mii-Citigo trio of city cars, the Seat Mii is the cheapest to insure, assuming you opt for the entry-level 1.0 S. Unfortunately, the S is no longer available to buy new, with just the Design Mii (insurance group three) and FR-Line (group four) on sale.

2. Nissan Micra 1.0 Visia – £417.25

Even the entry-level Nissan Micra Visia gets intelligent emergency braking with pedestrian recognition, which keeps the cost of insurance down to a minimum. You’ll pay £12,880 for the basic Micra, plus the cost of a can of deodorant, because the Visia doesn’t feature air conditioning.

Earlier this month, we revealed that having nine points on your licence can result in cheaper car insurance than starting from scratch with your no-claims bonus. Quote results comparing the variables demonstrated that having nine points instead of zero no-claims discount resulted in quotes that were 10 percent cheaper.

1. Skoda Fabia 1.0 SE – £413.67

Ask yourself: when was the last time you saw a badly-driven Fabia? Skoda’s popular supermini tends to be driven by careful and considerate drivers, which means insurance companies will see it as a low-risk vehicle.

As a result, the Skoda Fabia in 1.0-litre SE guise should cost around £415 to insure for a typical UK driver. Remember to shop around for the best quote and NEVER accept the renewal quote from your existing provider. In the insurance business, there’s very little reward for loyalty.

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