Draw on me HyundaiThe vanity plate on this 2004 Hyundai Elantra was quite literally an invitation for the people of New York to draw on the car.

Philip Romano parked his chalkboard-covered Hyundai all over New York and invited passers by to ‘DRAWONME’. The 20-year-old student even provided the chalk.

We’ve heard of people wanting Banksy to graffiti their wall, but never a car.

Romano told the New York Daily News: “When I’m going places, I park it and write ‘draw on me’. It’s sort of a chameleon. You never know what it will look like.”

Draw on me Hyundai

Residents of New York were all too keen to let their artistic talents flow, although the sight of folk randomly drawing on a family car from Korea left one passerby confused.

“I thought some poor schmuck was getting his car ruined,” said Harrison Sollog of Manhattan.

You simply don’t read quotes like that everyday. Although, to be fair, it’s not everyday you see a chalkboard-covered Hyundai on the streets of New York.

Draw on me Hyundai

Could this idea catch on in the UK? We’re not so sure, primarily because it rains so often the chalk would be constantly washed away.

It’s now been a year since Romano’s ‘DRAWONME’ was reportedly seen in New York. Have you caught a glimpse of it recently? Answers on a Big Apple postcard to the usual address.