Volvo cyclist safety

Volvo to demonstrate ‘life-saving’ cyclist tech at CES 2015

Volvo cyclist safetyVolvo will showcase new wearable technology for cyclists at CES 2015 next month as part of its aim “to end crashes between cars and bikes”.

The firm has teamed up with sports gear maker POC and Ericsson to establish a two-way connection between car and cyclist.

The prototype tech for the Las Vegas CES 2015 tech event shows a special POC helmet that can pair with a ‘connected car’ to offer proximity alerts about cyclists for drivers.

The tech makes cyclists in drivers’ blind spots visible – a growing problem given the fast-rising number of cyclists on the road.

It would use smartphone apps such as Strava to share cyclists’ positions through the cloud, and vice versa. Imminent collisions would be detected and both users would be alerted – Volvo drivers through a head-up display and cyclists via a helmet-mounted alert light.

Volvo believes it’s a genuine world first as “no car manufacturer has previously put a stake in the ground to help address the problem by using Connected Safety technology – until now”.

Volvo’s vice president and group CIO, Klas Bendrik, said: “By exploring cloud-based safety systems, we are getting ever closer to eliminating the remaining blind spots between cars and cyclists and, by that, avoid collisions.”

Statistics back up Volvo’s pursuit of the cyclist safety tech: 50 per cent of all cyclists killed in Europe collided with a car.

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