Apple CarPlay integration via Hyundai Display Audio

Hyundai cans in-car CD players at CES 2015

Apple CarPlay integration via Hyundai Display AudioHyundai plans to stop installing CD players in its entry level cars and instead fit a new smartphone-pairing Display Audio infotainment touchscreen.  

The new tech, debuting at the CES 2015 show in Las Vegas, uses either Android Auto or Apple CarPlay to link with drivers’ smartphones.

Instead of relying on CDs, users will access electronic media through the car instead – with the seven-inch colour touchscreen promising much more intuitive integration.

In addition, as Display Audio is connected to smartphone internet via the Hyundai Blue Link system, the firm is also promising budget sat nav for entry level cars.

Navigation systems within the smartphone, such as Google Maps, will be available to drivers through the touchscreen display, with instructions played through the car audio.

Users will be able to set the navigation within their smartphone in advance, then port it through the car when they reach it, for added convenience.

Young driver focus

Text message functions and voice command control will also be offered, says Hyundai – which has focused the new Display Audio tech to appeal to younger car buyers.

“As affordable car buyers are often younger,” said Carson Grover, senior group manager at Hyundai Motor America, “Hyundai aims to provide what they want most in their car – all the latest smartphone-enabled technologies at a lower price.”

Users connect their smartphones to the new Hyundai Display Audio system via the USB socket in the centre console.

The new system is part of the latest Hyundai Blue Link tech, which now includes monthly vehicle health reports, remote climate control and remote door locking.

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