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Faraday Future’s Tesla-rivalling electric car is coming to CES 2016

Faraday FutureFaraday Future, a startup car company backed by Chinese internet billionaire Jia Yueting, will reveal a bold new concept car at CES 2016 this week with which it aims to challenge Tesla and the rest of the ‘traditional’ car industry.

And not only will the secretive new Faraday concept car be revealed in Las Vegas’ tech show extravaganza, it will also be built there – in a new $1 billion factory north of the city eventually creating 4,500 jobs.

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Very little is known about the car at the moment, other than it will be fully electric with “smart and seamless connectivity to the outside world”.

Faraday also revealed a teaser image, suggesting it will be a larger, executive-sized car, rather than a roadster or city car.

So who’s creating it? Currently, a team that includes big names from other car companies, including Nick Sampson, Tesla’s former chassis engineering director, and Richard Kim who was the lead designer for BMW’s i3 and i8 concepts. Faraday claims to have more than 400 employees (it hoped to have hit 500 by the end of 2015).

Unlike traditional car companies, reckons Faraday, its cars will place “equal emphasis on automotive and technology disciplines”. This means the cars will be user-centric and technology first, rather than traditional cars that have had technology added in.

“If we could forget everything we know about cars, would we invent the same car industry we have today?” poses the firm in its trailer video.

“What would happen if we just started clean?” At CES 2016 this week, we’ll find out what indeed may happen.

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