Aston Martin Letv CES 2016

CES 2016: smart Aston Martin concept is a bit more Bond-like

Aston Martin Letv CES 2016Aston Martin has revealed at CES 2016 a key building block in making the smarter, more Bond-like cars of the future its buyers are demanding: the Autolink Rapide S.

Developed with big Chinese tech brand Letv , the current-gen Rapid S has had its instrument panel and centre console replaced by two screens:

  • 13.3 inch HD touchscreen for the centre console
  • 12.2 inch screen for electronic instrumentation

Aston Martin’s ever-ageing HMI has been updated with Letv speed recognition tech.

The concept car quickly follows an MOU signed by the two firms in December 2015, perhaps explaining its rather clunky appearance: production versions will be a lot sleeker.

Aston Martin Letv CES 2016

Interestingly, Aston said MOU was initially to range from developing connected electric vehicles through to the manufacturing consultation itself on manufacturing EVs: this suggests the Letv architecture will stand separately to the Daimler-based architecture its future sports cars are to use.

Letv itself only showed the Autolink system for the first time in November 2015; the firm’s first automotive product, co-founder Ding Lei said it equips Aston Martin with an ‘internet brain’.

Autolink also brings the firm’s LeCloud connectivity for remote services and monitoring, and should offer future functionality through the firm’s global open auto eco system.

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