CES 2016: Bosch wins award for touchscreen ‘feel’ button tech

Bosch_haptic_touchscreenPart of Bosch’s show car interior at CES 2016 has already won a prize: the all-new ‘real feel’ touchscreen has scooped an Innovation Award.

This clever screen uses haptic tech to feel like it has real buttons, be they rough, smooth or patterned. It doesn’t only generate different surface textures either, but also adds a ‘click’ so users know they have to press more firmly to make a selection.

“Drivers will not even need to look at the information on the screen to control it,” says Bosch – solving one of the biggest gripes of touchscreens in cars; that they can’t be controlled by feel.

Other functionality Bosch has integrated into the ‘Touch & Feel’ touchscreen include varying pressure logic: by changing how hard they press, users can control how fast they scroll through a list.

In contrast, using light pressure calls up the help function.

So how does it work? It users two sensors – the conventional touch sensor is augmented by an additional sensor that measures pressure from the fingers.

The varying surfaces are then created with a combination of software and suspension mechanics.

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