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CES 2016: Harman LIVS gives connected cars a brain

Rinspeed EtosHarman has revealed a new centralised computing platform at CES 2016 that links up the multiple high-tech systems set to multiply in tomorrow’s connected and autonomous cars.

Called LIVS – Life-Enhancing Intelligent Vehicle Solution – the system effectively gives smart cars a core ‘brain’ that integrates its in-car electronics, connectivity and operations.

Debuting in the Rinspeed Etos concept car (pictured above) that’s on show at CES 2016, Harman’s new LIVS system has more than 2,000 patents and is “boundary-pushing” technology that will allow car makers to make safe, useful and intuitive autonomous and connected cars.

Several key areas make up the LIVS system:

  • Scalable computing platforms
  • Modular connectivity
  • Camera-based driver-assist systems (ADAS)
  • Intelligent ‘learning’ navigation
  • ‘Vehicle-to-things’ (V2X) technology
  • High levels of configurability
  • Complete office suite in autonomous mode

Comprehensive indeed – and, says Harman, backed up by the Harman 5+1 safety architecture that includes ‘hypervisor’ and firewall. Hackers will be held at bay.

The big advantage of centralising everything in a core brain such as LIVS is ‘learning and anticipating’ what users will want from it. “We are demonstrating the future of driving and it is highly cohesive, personalised, intuitive and adaptive to drivers and passengers,” said Phil Eyler, president, Harman Connected Car.

It’s also safer, easier to scale up to volume production and likely to be more reliable than having multiple separate systems. Another key factor in making highly autonomous and connected cars a production reality sooner rather than later…

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