Harman Microsoft CES 2016

CES 2016: Harman and Microsoft will bring Office to cars

Harman Microsoft CES 2016Harman and Microsoft are to work together on bringing products such as Microsoft Office 365 into tomorrow’s connected cars to make them more productive, convenient and useful.

A first for Microsoft, the collaboration with Harman announced at CES 2016 aims to make Office 365 products accessible on the move so drivers can work safely while an autonomous car drives itself.

No longer will commuting time be wasted time.

Potential tasks Harman Connected Car Systems and Microsoft Productivity Services want to bring into the car include:

  • Responding to emails
  • Managing events
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Joining conference calls
  • Holding Skype calls

The two tech firms will work on existing cloud-based products and technologies, but also look to create all-new in-car productivity tools.

“Bringing the power of Office 365 into Harman’s connected car systems will provide new productivity solutions and transform the driving experience,” said Peggy Johnson, executive vice president of business development, Microsoft.

“By ensuring that Office 365 services are seamlessly integrated with car and driver telematics and performance data, we will allow consumers to be more productive during their driving hours, while enjoying far greater convenience, safety and reliability.”

Phil Eyler, president, Harman Connected Car, added: “Drivers want an immersive, and personalised experience in the car. Increasingly, that includes strong demands for richer productivity.

“This collaboration will bring these functionalities to market with, importantly, great reliability, security and minimal driver distraction.”

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