'Celebs' go crazy for £550 Skoda Fabia on Auto Trader

‘Celebs’ go crazy for £550 Skoda Fabia on Auto Trader

'Celebs' go crazy for £550 Skoda Fabia on Auto Trader

The seller of a cheap Skoda Fabia advertised for just £550 on Auto Trader has been left bewildered after being inundated with questions from fake celebrities.

Twenty-five-year-old Johnny Delaney has received emails claiming to be from celebs including Matt Le Blanc, Lewis Hamilton and even Peter Pan after advertising his car on the car-selling website

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“Hey buddy, I’m thinking of moving to Skoda racing team from Mercedes next year,” quipped the bogus Lewis Hamilton. “I want a cheap run-around to test out the down-force and handling before [I] decide on the move.

“P.s. – I need Scherzi to fit in the back for sexy time,” he added.

Other highlights include Donald Trump, Olly Murs and Derek Trotter.

Delaney told The London Economic that he’s owned the 15-year-old Skoda for three years, and is now trading up to a brand new Seat.

“I do find the messages amusing but it is going on a bit long now and I keep thinking ‘I need to sell this car’,” he said.

“It seems people are just having a laugh about the car rather than trying to buy it.”

Pretending to be Queen guitarist Brian May, the emailer said: “Hey man, I need a car to get me to the Queen concerts without the fans knowing it’s me.

“Your Skoda is perfect but I have twisted my ankle so if I pay you could drive me for the next few months.

“That way ‘everything I do is driven by you’”.

The 2002 Skoda Fabia is a Silverline special edition that’s covered 90,380 miles. It’s advertised for just £550, but Johnny says he’s had just one genuine enquiry since it was advertised last week.

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