CaterhamWe’ve always been an advocate of lightweight sports cars that use eco-conscious downsized engines to great effect – but now Caterham is officially ‘greener’ than ever.

No, we don’t mean the British manufacturer has launched a rival to the Nissan LEAF. It has, however, rebranded with a cool new Union Flag emblem that’s very, er, green…

The move sees the company reflect its racing colour scheme of green and yellow, and shout about its Britishness.

Caterham Group Co-Chairman Tony Fernandes explains:

“The Caterham coloured Union Flag emblem is our celebration of Caterham’s British heritage. The Caterham brand has been in existence for over 40 years and, in simple terms, is a brand that puts smiles on people’s faces. It is a proud British brand, one that celebrates Britain’s engineering prowess and we, in turn, are proud to showcase our British heritage.”

But is a rebrand too little too late for a company that still builds cars that trace their roots back over 50 years?

“This is an exciting time for Caterham across all our interests; our F1 team is embarking on its fifth season with everything in place to make serious progress this year. On the roads, Caterham Cars goes from strength to strength, winning universal praise for launching its fastest ever road car, the 620R and the same acclaim for our lowest-priced model, the 160.

“We also have our roadcar partnership with Renault, which started in F1, and that is now firmly into the development phase of our first product, which will be on the roads in early 2016.

“Overall, this is an incredibly exciting time to be part of Caterham in all its guises. I firmly believe that we will look back on 2014 as the year the Caterham story really began.”

So, exciting times for Caterham. We loved the Seven 160 we had on test recently, and can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future.