Toyota Aygo

Cars that cost less per month than an iPhoneX

Toyota AygoWhich would you rather have? A phone that’s too chunky for your pocket or a stylish and reliable nearly-new car? That’s (more or less) the question posed by used car website Auto Trader, which has equated the cost of an iPhone X with a 2015 Toyota Aygo. Both will set you back £113 a month.

Using its new car finance calculator tool, Auto Trader has also looked at other common monthly outgoings, working out which cars you could buy instead.

Two gel manicures a month or a 2015 Hyundai i10? We’ll take the car. Killing yourself slowly via 20 cigarettes per day or a 2017 Audi A1? No contest. A date night or a 2015 Vauxhall Corsa? We’ll get back to you on that.

 Monthly expenses           The car you could buy instead
 Apple iPhone X 64GB – £113            Toyota Aygo (2015)
 Night out in London (£60 x 4) – £240 Seat Ibiza (2018)
 Takeaways: £110 Peugeot 108 (2015)
 Cigarettes (1x pack of 20 per day): £321 Audi A1 (2017)
 Gel manicure (twice monthly) – £70 Hyundai i10 (2015)
 Blow-dry (£35 x 4) – £140 Suzuki Celerio (2017)
 Luxury subscription box service: £62 Toyota Previa (2014)
 Date night: £75 Vauxhall Corsa (2015)

If all the above cars sound a bit, well… boring, Auto Trader says that for the average amount spent monthly in coffee shops (£184), you could drive “a swanky vintage Porsche Cayenne.”

We’re not sure what the vintage Cayenne looks like (presumably it still has running boards and wooden wheels), but the idea sure sounds tempting.

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