CarFest South 2019: everything you need to know

CarFest South 2019 is underway

This year’s double whammy of Chris Evans’ CarFest continues apace this Bank Holiday weekend, with the southern edition taking place from Friday 23 August until Sunday 25 August.

Here’s our whistle-stop guide to CarFest South 2019.

CarFest: general info

Chris Evans

This is the seventh year that CarFest, the brainchild of Chris Evans to raise money for BBC Children in Need, has run. It might surprise you to note that it’s not all about cars, too. There’s plenty for music and food lovers to enjoy.

CarFest North has already taken place, in Chester, while CarFest South is underway in Overton in Hampshire. It’s held at 1979 Formula 1 World Champion Jody Scheckter’s Laverstoke Park Farm, which is famous for its buffalo mozzarella. 

The website refers to CarFest as “a place to have a great time doing great things. It’s about making more marvellous memories for families”. A Google reviewer referred to it as “Radio 2 in a field” in his five-star review, so take that how you will…

How do I get to CarFest?

CarFest South is actually something you can search for on Google maps. Generally speaking, heading towards Basingstoke is a good place to start. That means heading westbound on the M3 from London, south on the A34 from Oxford or eastbound on the A303 if you’re coming from Devon or Cornwall.

What’s on at CarFest?

CarFest 2019

As above. Cars, music and food, and lots of it. From the latest supercars, to historic racers, and everything in between, there’s plenty for car lovers. Of course there is – it wouldn’t be CarFest if there wasn’t.

Auto Trader, a headline sponsor for the event, will this year be showcasing a range of winners from this year’s New Car Awards.

The new Starfest stage will feature appearances from celebrities such as Rob Brydon, Roger Daltrey, Rick Astley, Ricky Wilson and Sharleen Spiteri amongst others.

There’s also the ‘Clubfest’ stage for the clubbers among you, plus ‘Carfeast’, which features the CarFest pub, as well as a chocolate factory and daily street parties with lots to cook and eat.

“We’ll be celebrating the joy of feasting together as a family. It’s about cooking together, eating together, creating recipes together, drinking together and celebrating together at the Street Party.”

CarFest essentials: what to pack

  • A tent, if you’re camping
  • Bottled water, and lots of it
  • Sun cream – the weekend is projected to be hot!
  • A camera, to capture all the fun
  • A smartphone, to share your experience on social media

Are you heading there? Use the comments section to let us know what you thought of CarFest 2019. And be sure to read our guide to the best motoring events of 2019.

Watch: CarFest South 2018

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